What to Avoid When Planning a Romantic Evening Wedding

There are few things as romantic as a wedding at night. All those candles and little white lights just make the event seem almost magical. Some couples will plan a night wedding if they know that most of their friends and family are night people, who love to party all night and sleep in the next morning. Others just love the feel of a night wedding, especially when it is done out of doors and under the stars.

Whatever your reason for having your vow taking and after party after the sun goes down, there is a right way and a wrong way to plan for it. Whether you are looking for great wedding send off ideas for the happy couple or simply some good tips for photographing the whole shebang, here are some ideas on things you may want to plan to avoid.

Start Photos Early

While the event may look beautiful, taking pictures at night is filled with mistakes and missteps. If you plan to shoot an evening wedding, arrange to do the pictures before the sun sets. Shooting on the day of the wedding or even some the next day are fine. The problem with shooting at night is the light. You have to either move the wedding party indoors to get good light or use a flash. Neither really look good. So, plan with the wedding party to meet for photos before the sun sets to get great light and great shots.

Venues and Costs

Believe it of not, night weddings can be more expensive because the venues are often not available or are costlier. That charming little cottage garden might be twice the price at night, when they usually have big events planned for it. If you are able to have it hosted somewhere private that is free, such as at a friend’s farm or big back yard, then you are in luck. But for commercial wedding areas, be prepared to pay more to have it at night.

Plan for Everyone’s Bedtime

While many evening wedding plans call for a long late party, not everyone wants to stay up past midnight. Even if it is your wedding. So, make sure to plan for important events such as cutting the wedding cake to be scheduled for the early part of the evening. This way those early birds and little ones can see all the fun stuff and still get home to bed at a reasonable time.

Amp up the Lights

While romantic candlelight ceremonies sound wonderful, they can leave the walkways dark for anyone arriving late. Just to be safe, be prepared with good lighting along walkways and in the guest area of the ceremony area.

Be sure the path to the party tent is well lit and that everyone can see where they are going. If you want that candlelit romantic moment, they can be dimmed for the taking of the vows part, then returned to full power. Just make sure that your favorite great-auntie that uses a walker can see where she is going after.

Can We Party Till Dawn?

Some towns have noise curfews, so always check before deciding the DJ can play until dawn. You may be ready to party all night, heck your guests may be expecting it. But unless you want the sheriff’s department showing up at 3AM to shut your wedding down, make enquiries first.