Tips To Make an Economic and Modern Wedding

So, after much flirtation, you decided it was time to call everyone and formalize the union as tradition calls. With the right to party, dress, food, drink, many photos and everything, but with a small detail: the budget.

And now, how to make a beautiful ceremony without spending rivers of money?

It is estimated that weddings cost approximately R $ 40,000. The way to do this is to schedule ahead, get your hands dirty and have the patience to negotiate with suppliers for a good price for the services. With the right Wedding Planner this is perfect.

  1. Start planning 1 year in advance

The consultant says: Advance planning is the best friend of those who have a tight budget. With more time, you can search more suppliers, prices and negotiate payment more often to date.

  1. Prefer non-weekend days

You will need to check with the place if they make discounts on holidays for example, or else Sunday afternoon, Saturday morning and weekdays like Tuesday and Wednesday. They are less crowded times, so they can help you save a lot of money.

  1. Outdoor spaces: must have

The best tip of the consultant is to bet on environments that are open, such as sites, farms and farms. Besides being beautiful in the photos, they need less decoration and also lighting if the wedding is during the day.

  1. Do the ceremony in the same place of the party

Nowadays this is already very common, especially for those who do not intend to marry the religious. The truth is that it’s also a great way to save money as it does not include church expenses or decorations – and your guests will love not to have to move to two different places. The best of Wedding Planning comes there.

  1. Invest in stenographic cakes

A real two-, three-story cake decorated with American pastries, fondant or even a naked fruit cake can cost far beyond what you imagine. For those who want to have a cake decorating the table, the idea is to bet on fakes: they look beautiful in the photos, they are much cheaper and you can still serve other desserts and sweets in his place. Honestly, how many times have you eaten a wedding cake?

  1. Choose the guest list well

We know that it makes you want to invite all your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to be part of the party, but the less people, the less money. Think fondly of the people most important to you, who really can not miss and put aside that great-aunt you’ve seen twice in life, okay?