Tips to book a stripper for a bachelor party

 Mention of a bachelor party is incomplete without the mention of a stripper! So if you or one of your dearest friends is getting married, you can have a time of your life by getting a bachelor party stripper.

You have never done it?

You are clueless…

Do not bother…we give you some inside details on getting a bachelor party stripper the right way!

What you need to know?

The place

The first thing you need to decide over is the place where you want the strippers to perform. It can be a strip club, a hotel room or even your own home. The strippers can perform anywhere; it is you who has to decide the place.

Remember a few things:

  • If it is your home, it is completely your take.
  • But if you are planning to go to a strip club, you must check out the legal part and then take the plunge. There are several cities or countries where these clubs are outlawed and you might have to travel long distances where you can find one of your choice.
  • If you have decided to use the hotel room, you can go about doing anything but not mention the strippers to the hotel authorities. Even though it is quite obvious, it is just a tip to remind all those who might think it’s their moral duty to tell and then are subsequently being kicked out.

The time

Always remember, it’s never too early to book for your bachelor party stripper. Actually it’s always, ‘the sooner the better’. If you are looking for the best entertainment, you must book all the fun well in advance. So if you are the best man or the best woman who is responsible for making all the arrangements, we recommend that you find out all the details and finalize everything at least three months in advance.

How to book?

When you are doing your research and homework, try and figure out the different websites or the agencies that are into the business. Find out the services they offer. There are certain agencies that work purely online while there are others that will give you some photographs but it is highly recommended to go with the recommendations. This helps you to know what you will get for what you have paid.

Cost and Payment

It’s more like you get what you pay for here in this business. There is no upper or lower limit to the fees; the payment is in direct proportion to the kind of bachelor party stripper you get and the services you avail.


Tipping is a much bigger part of the game than the cost itself. Remember a stripper will expect generous tips both during and after the performance and as a good host you must oblige!

It goes without saying that taking pictures or videos is prohibited.

So go ahead and let the groom have the best!