Things Worth Knowing About Pear Diamond Ring

Pear diamond engagement ring is everything but basic. This ring stands out in style and looks and scores high on the uniqueness quotient. Also, it is something exceptionally precious and is sure to win you loads of praises from your sweetheart. So, if you have chosen the engagement ring with pear shaped diamond accent, following is what you have bargained for.

  • A composite cut: If you are done with the diamond cut in routine styles, pear shaped accent is your perfect respite. This cut is basically a combination of two basic cuts – round brilliant cut and marquise cut. So, what you get in a pear diamond engagement ring is a carver’s excellence that would not be found easily on anybody’s hand.
  • An heirloom material: When you buy ring with diamond cut in such unique style, you actually create a legacy for the lifetime. Such unique ring is worthy of becoming a part of lifetime-and-beyond collection and is surely going to pass through generations. No one would part with such unique jewellery piece having exceptional appeal.
  • Celebrity- Inspired designer piece: When you buy pear diamond rings or earrings, you own the unique pieces derived from celebrity fashion. The engagement ring with pear-shaped diamond accent is a unique style statement maker and is normally seen only at the red carpets. This purchase offers you a chance to wear something your style icons are seen flaunting at important occasions.
  • A unique expression of emotion: Pear-shaped resembles tear drop. Thus, when you seal that touché moment with a pear diamond ring, you find an easy way to express the emotions you have invested in the relationship.

So, take out the style connoisseur in you and search for a pear diamond ring when you want nothing but the best for your beloved to mark that happy moment.