The Two Breathtaking Wedding Ceremonies

Every bride has the dream of having the best wedding. Wedding in Bali is a beautiful experience because of the beautiful resorts and activities in the island. If you are a foreigner, you don’t need to worry because you can have the wedding planned for you by the best wedding agency which is a member of the Bali wedding association. Many brides have appreciated having their wedding planned as they put it out on Facebook and testimonials to appreciate the work of a wedding agency When you are wedding in Bali, there are two critical ceremonies that a bride should consider:

Chapel Wedding

A chapel is an incredible place to bless the joining of two people. Bali is full of incredible temples and chapels which can be used as venues for weddings. The chapels are located in unique places which will amaze the couple. Bali is a paradise land, and thus the chapel wedding will include all the beautiful things you can ever dream of in chapel. This ceremony includes photography, makeup, preacher, decorations, music, fruits basket, cake, and food.  As a bride, you will have your wedding planner communicate with the agency. You will choose the venue of the wedding and the most incredible chapel in the place will be selected for the wedding.

The most beautiful chapels in Bali for weddings which are mostly selected are distributed in different locations of the island. The main ones include Tresna chapel, Puri temple hill, Astina chapel, Tirtha Uluwatu, blue heaven, blue point chapel, wiwaha chapel, cloud nine, the vimala, pearl chapel, Bulgari and the Dive chapel among others. In the chapel, you can choose a basic or extra decoration which will include flowers and colors. After the wedding, you will have beautiful pictures and videos for your memories. Therefore, it is a great choice to have a chapel ceremony in Bali during your wedding.

Beach Ceremony

 After the chapel wedding, it is important for the bride to be at the beach to have fun eating the best food and drinking the best wine. The beach ceremony is also taken care of by the agency as the chapel ceremony. Bali is full of incredible beaches which are perfect for a wedding. The beach is the best place for photography because many beaches in Bali give a clear view of the mountains. Also, the beaches are found near incredible places such as waterfalls, cliffs, breathtaking temples, and lagoons.

 The beach will be reserved for the wedding. The agency will provide primary services such as photography, makeup, drinks, food, decorations, fruits, music, and drinks among others. The beach is an excellent place to walk barefoot after getting married. It gives a sense of relief from the stress of the world. Also, the beach is a romantic place to be after your wedding.

These two ceremonies are essential for a bride to consider. They offer different advantages which work to improve the quality of a wedding. It is easier to make your wedding unforgettable by working with the best wedding agency which has the widest choice of available wedding packages and locations. Also, combining these two ceremonies will make your wedding fantastic.