Style That Matters for a Picture Perfect & Luxury Caribbean Wedding

Destination wedding has become famous for all those who have marriage on their mind. But, when it comes to a luxury Caribbean wedding in the Cayman Islands, it is a dream come true for all those in love. Imagine your wedding venue surrounded by rippling turquoise water hitting up the pale sand, the lovely sea breeze kissing your face and the rays of the golden sun shining upon you two! And how about soft native music played while you, dressed in light hues of chiffon, walk down the aisle to the man of your life?

Looks straight from the fairy tale. doesn’t it?

But, when it comes to the beach as the wedding destination, there are a set of points to be kept in mind on this most awaited day in your and your loved one’s life to work out smoothly because of the beautiful mother nature, and it’s uncertain changes.

First thing’s first. The lovely bride’s dress is the glam of the event. But when it comes to stepping on the sand, clothing is a different ball game. Although keeping the outfit stylish, you need to make sure choosing light weighted fabric like georgette, chiffon, etc. as this will make walking on the beach more comfortable and the ocean breeze will be a helping hand to the flowy dress giving you spectacular photos. Baring in mind, the long veils might turn out into a nightmare. Instead, compliment it with fresh and colorful flowers, This will add charm to the beach wedding.

Also to add to it, skip those royal high heel stilettos. Choose shoe wear that wouldn’t sink into the sand. Keep in mind; the sand can be hot or else the best part of the beach wedding is walking down the aisle without shoes.

When it comes to the styling the hair, sea breeze and hairstyles need to go hand in hand or else this special day photographs can be a disaster. An updo will make things much easier for this long day journey considering the weather. But, if the down hair is the only option, invest in a hair stylist who can be around throughout the day for the touch-ups.

Again, bear in mind the weather that would be humid and hot, keep makeup light and breathable. Make it look more natural as you don’t have to worry much about it considering the picturesque background would do all the talking. Let your beautiful smile turn your cheeks rouge showing all the happiness and excitement. Keep it simple.

Have you considered a beach wedding styled in shorts?

Next comes, the man of the day. Let the handsome groom go informal. Groom in a tux, heavy fabric, is all for the ballroom where he is comfortable to wear. But when it comes to the destination wedding at the beach, formal clothing is a big no-no. Let him feel light and relaxed as he kisses his lovely bride on the sand. Cotton or linen pants or even shorts with polo tees with a lightweight jacket, again linen or cotton can be considered for this big day.

A long walk or even spending time hand in hand with the bride can’t be done in the formal shoes. Flip-flops or sandals are the best bet for this day like said; the sand can be hot. Or let the sand kiss your feet.

The key is to keep the style minimal and make it look posh. Also, choose contrasting and vibrant colors for the set up that pops out and does not blend with the sand and sea for perfect memorable shots.