How to Organize a Unique and Something More Than a Cliché Wedding in Las Vegas?

Past times have proven that if you wish to have a quickie wedding, get hitched at Las Vegas. When people visualize a Vegas wedding, they think of some really cliché stuff that happens at every Vegas wedding like the movies show. While it is true that Las Vegas weddings have always been exceptional when compared to the weddings organized in any other place, but you can host a ‘beyond the cliché’ wedding at Las Vegas by hiring planning services from Custom Las Vegas Weddings and paying heed to the tips below.

  1. A European wedding at Las Vegas

Number one tip to make your Las Vegas wedding exceptional is by hosting your wedding in such a way that makes you feel you are in Europe. If you have dreamt hosting your wedding in Paris, but are wanting to save all your money, you can still fulfill your dream by getting married on the top of the mini Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas. This location also offers the scenery and the ravishing delicacies of Paris. If you prefer Venice, you can also organize your wedding on a Venetian Gondola in Las Vegas’s duplicate of the canals of Venice. A gondolier has the ability to serenade everyone in the party, as you will float down the canal. You can also host an imitation Rome wedding in the Venus garden, the Roman statues surrounding the Roman style gazebo with a flourish.

  1. Wedding with the fish

You can make your Las Vegas wedding exceptional if you want to make water a part of the party, as Vegas is mostly desert. And bonus, if your partner and you are scuba certified, you can get hitched underwater in the Silverton Aquarium which has an 117,000-gallon tank and the stingrays, sharks, and tropical fish are swimming all around you. You can also have mermaids as bridesmaids. You can also get hitched in an aquarium tunnel with the water above and on any side beside you if you don’t want to get that much closer to the fish and sharks. Some hotels also offer poolside weddings, so your guests can also take a refreshing splash once you are done with the vows.

  1. Sign weddings

The city is all about bright lights, and much better if you get hitched in front of the signs. Many couples prefer getting married in front of the renowned Las Vegas sign which leads into the city. It is city’s most iconic location and will truly make your wedding memorable. You can also get hitched at the Neon Museum and Boneyard if you love the idea of getting married among the vintage neon signs.