5 Ways Sparklers Can Light Up Your Wedding

Many couples are constantly in search of affordable ways to make their wedding more memorable, and sparklers are one of your best options. With almost zero effort, you can easily transform an ordinary wedding celebration into something you will remember for the rest of your lives. Below, we have outlined five ways to include sparklers in your wedding, as well as a few tips to help your event go off without any surprises.

Reception Send-Off Line

It has become a modern classic to have a send-off line at the end you’re your reception, and that is one of the best ways to incorporate sparklers into your wedding day celebration. To pull off a wedding exit in this manner, you simply have each guest line up outside your wedding venue to see you off as you make your exit. By putting sparklers in everyone’s hands, you can take an ordinary send-off line and transform it into a sparkling wonderland!

During the Ceremony

If you want to pull off something a little more unexpected, you can have your guests light their wedding sparklers during the ceremony. Just instruct your guests to light their sparklers right before your first kiss and it will make the moment even more spectacular. Our tip to you is that you make sure to give each guest matches or supply a lighter for every two people so they can get their sparklers lit quickly and efficiently.

On Your Dance Floor

We’ve all know about the first dance, and it is an amazing experience no matter what. However, could you imagine having all of your guests surrounding you while holding lit sparklers during the dance? It’s amazing what a few sparklers can do to enhance the atmosphere of your special and intimate moment together!

Decorating Your Wedding Cake

When most people think of decorating their wedding cake, they think of decorative frosting and a traditional cake topper. However, for more adventurous couples, you can use sparklers to make your wedding cake a glittering masterpiece! Just make sure you get long sparklers so they don’t damage the frosting on your cake. You can check out this online store that sells 36” wedding sparklers which are perfect for a large and spectacular cake decoration that won’t destroy it for you and your guests.

A Sparkling Getaway

If you want sparklers to be the very last thing that you and your partner see when leaving your wedding reception, consider using them for your getaway. Just stick a bunch of sparklers a few feet apart lining the driveway from your reception venue and have a designated person light them before you drive away in your limo. There is nothing more memorable than driving down a road lined with sparklers, and it will make for some amazing final pictures. You’ll want to use 36” wedding sparklers for this as well so there’s time to get them all lit and make your getaway before they burn out.

By choosing one of these five ways to use sparklers at your wedding, you can make it a more magical experience. Best of all, wedding sparklers are usually very inexpensive, so it is something you can do to make your wedding better while keeping everything within your budget.