4 Beautiful Christmas Decorating Ideas using Ribbon

The Christmas season is known for its eye-catching decorations that jazz up the streets and home. Ribbons in many beautiful colors can light up your home without spending much money. If you are looking for ribbon ideas using which you can decorate your house beautifully by making your Christmas tree a unique and grand one, the perfect garland, and your front door all Christmassy then you can do it easily by reading the ideas below.

  1. Garlands Made of Ribbons

Wire-edge ribbons can be used to form a shape that resembles Christmas garlands. These garlands can be hung on your windows and mantel. Insert pushpins evenly and keep proper spacing on top of your window or fireplace frame. You can also drape colored ribbon across the surface so that the pins remain secure. Repeat this series of multiple color ribbons. The ribbon can be draped down in between each pin about half the length of the tails that are left hanging. You can find an exclusive collection of ribbons on sites like FinerRibbon.

  1. Ribbon Votive

You can give a simple glass votive a deluxe touch by draping them in overlapping ribbons using adhesives. Just like this, votive cups can be draped, and they too will look sparkling. Embellishing them with sequins will add more sparkle effect.

  1. Ribbon Trees

You can use ribbons to create tabletop trees. Pick any plastic cone shaped item; wrap it properly with a ribbon of one color. Starting from the bottom, wrap it efficiently without any creases. When you reach the top of the cone, fold the colored ribbon over a point and use the pin to keep it secure. You can wrap it with multiple ribbons to give it more aesthetic look.

  1. Table Runner Using Ribbons

Set your festive table by layering it with multi-colored and textured ribbons. Place the runner on the table by cutting it appropriately and pressing the remaining edges under the table using double-sided tape.

These are some of the elegant ways you can use a ribbon to create beautiful designs for your holiday season and leave your family and friends impressed with your artistic decorations.