3 Ways to Add Style and Class to a Traditional Tamil Bridal Attire

Tamil weddings are known for their elegance and simplicity. Lavish in their own ways, Tamilians put more focus on following their rituals and traditions in its original form, rather than spending on an extravagant matrimony. Just like an elegant wedding, Tamilian brides are also considered as an icon of bridal beauty and grace in Indian culture. A typical Tamil Brahmin bride can be seen wearing a 9-yard Kanjeevaram saree, whereas a non-Brahmin Tamilian wears a 6-yard saree in hues of bright colours with contrasting borders. They are also seen adorned with beautiful and finely detailed gold jewellery to complete the look. The stunning jewellery pieces are passed on from ancestors to the present bride, with ancestral temple jewellery designs studded with precious stones.

The complete traditional attire, hairdo and jewellery makes a bride look gorgeous and in sync with their culture and traditions during a Tamil matrimony. However, the face of Indian weddings, and how a bride dresses up is changing with time. Nowadays, the brides choose modern alternatives over traditional ones, yet keep with their culture and values. Modern Tamilian brides are conscious about the latest fashion trends and want to look stylish and classy on their wedding day. Most of the brides choose their attire in such way that it strikes a beautiful balance between the traditional and contemporary style.

If you are a modern-day Tamil bride-to-be and want to add some style and class to your traditional attire, here are some ways on how to do it.

  1. Get an Intricate yet Classy Blouse: You can always play around with colours, fabric and silhouettes and still look every bit traditional. There are many such options available for you to choose from. You can also make your blouse look more attractive by getting it stitched in a fashion-forward way, with a classic puffed sleeve, a full sleeve, or go completely sleeveless. If you want to contrast different fabrics on one blouse, you can get one stitched with a thick Zari border on the sleeves or with brocade sleeves. Necklines can also be worked on, mesh back, backless, buttoned back and dori string ties are quite the blouse trends these days.
  2. Pick Fashionable Jewellery Over Bulky Gold: Jewellery plays an important part in a Tamilian wedding, but it’s not necessary to get laden with heavy gold ornaments from head to toe. Lightweight gold jewellery with intricate designs and patterns are available for the brides that will make you look nothing less than like royalty. You can choose from delicate gold or diamond pieces to complete your look.
  3. Give a Pass to Traditional Colours: Get over the wedding colours of red, white and yellow, and choose playful pastels, hues of blues or something neon. If your family is the conservative type and would want you to stick with the traditional saree colours, then you can always mix and match it with a different coloured blouse or have something interesting designed for the saree border. Temple prints and antique designs have taken the fashion industry by a storm. And there are some gorgeous border designs that are available at designer stores, or local showrooms to give you a taste of nothing but the best.